The Badger Legacy Campaign

What is 'The Badger Legacy Campaign?'

The Wisconsin Badgers are facing a critical financial challenge but we remain committed to our mission of achieving long–term excellence. Cancellations and postponements have touched all of our sports, including a 2020 football season that will be played without fans in attendance. We are left facing a revenue shortfall between $60-70 million. Without financial support from our community, the experience we love as Badgers is at risk.

In order to emerge stronger than ever, we are calling our fellow Badgers, who have helped build this extraordinary legacy.

The Badger Legacy campaign aims to do just that: provide an opportunity for all Badgers to play a role in furthering the legacy of Wisconsin Athletics that has been built over many decades. We want to ensure we continue raising trophies, developing student–athletes that make us proud and we keep the world watching when we Jump Around.

How YOU Can Help

To our Season Ticket Holders

Badger season ticket holders have long established a legacy of passionate and loyal support. Time and time again, you have supported our relentless pursuit of excellence on and off the field.

Now is your chance to create a new legacy. By supporting the Badger Legacy Campaign, season ticket holders can make yet another lasting impact.

To directly fund our student–athlete services during these challenging times, we are providing season ticket holders the opportunity to reinvest their ticket and seat donation contributions. These resources will go specifically to support scholarships, training and a range of academic and athletic support services for the student–athletes we cheer every game day.

For this consideration, season ticket holders will be acknowledged with several items that demonstrate the value of your gift, but also show the appreciation that your gift will create a legacy.

A banner with the words 'Badger Legacy Campaign' in it along with an image of the Motion W logo.
  • 2x Donor Rank Priority Points

  • 100% tax deductible gift credit

  • Recognition on a Donor Wall of Honor at Camp Randall Stadium

  • Personalized Badger Legacy Certificate

    ($250 gifts per certificate, customizable)

  • Invitation to the 2021 Badger Legacy Event

    ($250 gifts and higher)

  • Badger Legacy commemorative coin

    ($1000 gifts and higher)

Season ticket holders should have received a form via email to designate your ticket and seat donation contributions to the campaign. If you have not received this form, please contact the Wisconsin Athletics Ticket Office at (608) 262–1440 or

To our Badger Fans and Supporters

One of our strengths is the deep connection we share with the state and with Badger fans across the nation. We are part of you. You are part of us.

While not everyone can be at Camp Randall or the Kohl Center, we hear your cheers, we feel your passion. We all share in our success.

The Badger Legacy Campaign is a terrific way to express your pride for the Badgers and make a meaningful impact. It is a great step to help assure we can all continue to share in experiences and memories we cherish for years to come.

Dedicated Badger supporters who are not season ticket holders can benefit by participating in the Badger Legacy Campaign. All of the benefits season ticket holders receive are available to non–season ticket holders when you become a $250 donor to the campaign.

You will enjoy a 100% tax deductible credit for your contribution, double donor rank priority points (which can help in acquiring single-game tickets), the chance to join us in 2021 for a celebration event and a keepsake certificate of your participation.

This is your chance to create a Badger Legacy. To make your contribution to the campaign, please click the Donate Now button below.

Donate Now

Wisconsin Athletics would like to thank all those who have donated towards the Badger Legacy Campaign. Their support will help the Badgers in our mission to achieving long-term excellence and further the legacy of Wisconsin Athletics.

Badger Legacy Campaign Donor List


If you have any questions about the Badger Legacy campaign or how you can participate, please contact the Wisconsin Athletic Development Office at (608) 262–1000 or

We appreciate your consideration in supporting the campaign. Because of the commitment from loyal Badgers like you, Wisconsin Athletics has the opportunity to emerge from this crisis like few other schools.