Endowed Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships

Wisconsin Athletics sincerely thanks all of the generous supporters below who have established endowed scholarships for our athletes.

Adam and Nikki Burish Hockey Scholarship Fund -Women's Hockey
Al and Bernice DeSimone Football Scholarship Fund-Football
Alan Ameche Scholarship Fund-Football
Albert O. and Nancy J. Nicholas Men's Basketball Scholarship Fund in memory of Silas G. Johnson-Men's Basketball
Albert O. Nicholas Endowed Basketball Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Alex Falch Endowment Fund for Football-Football
Alice Higgitt Helminiak Scholarship Fund -Women's Tennis
Andrew Kilbride Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Andringa Family Scholarship Fund-Women's Soccer
Andy and Sue North Family Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Anita J. Angus Fund for Athletics-Football
Anita J. Angus Fund for Athletics-Women's Soccer
Anita J. Angus Fund for Athletics-Women's Track
Anita J. Angus Fund for Athletics-Women's Crew
Anthony A. Mierzwa Golf Scholarship Fund-Men's Golf
Anthony A. Mierzwa Golf Scholarship Fund-Women's Golf
Anthony A. Mierzwa Golf Scholarship Fund-Men's Golf
Anthony A. Mierzwa Golf Scholarship Fund-Women's Golf
Armund J. "Pug" Schoen, Jr. Scholarship Fund for Tennis -Women's Tennis
Art Brazy Athletic Scholarship Fund-Football
Badger Advantage Club Scholarship Fund-Women's Tennis
Badger Crosscourt Club Scholarship Fund-Men's Tennis
Badger Golf Scholarship Fund-Men's Golf
Baker Tilly Virchow Krause Scholarship Fund-Women's Hockey
Barbara and M. Keith Weikel Family Scholarship Fund-Wrestling
Barry and Cindy Alvarez Endowed Football Scholarship Fund-Football
Bart and Linda Wear Scholarship Fund-Men's Soccer
Beckmann Family Football Scholarship Fund-Football
Ben and Karen Deutsch Family Scholarship Fund -Women's Soccer
Bill and Kathy Chapman Family Scholarship Fund-Football
Bob and Honner Cooper Diving and Swimming Scholarship Fund-Women's Swimming
Bonnie & Steven Spencer Endowment Fund-Men's Basketball
Butch and Ruth Strickler Scholarship Fund-Football
C. Harvey Sorum Memorial Scholarship Fund for Athletics-Men's Tennis
Capital Times Scholarship Fund-Men's Swimming
Carl A. Silvestri Memorial Scholarship Fund-Football
Carol Robinson Endowment Fund-Women's Track
Catherine M. Sesing Scholarship Fund-Women's Crew
Charles and Leone Sommerfeld Athletic Scholarship Fund-Women's Crew
Charles E. Claflin Fund-Softball
Charles H. Carpenter Award Fund for Football-Football
Charles H. Vogts Fund-Men's Basketball
Charles K. and William B. Roys Memorial Endowed Athletic Scholarship Fund-Football
Charles P. LaBahn Fund for Swimming-Women's Swimming
Charles W. Ellis Family Hockey Scholarship Fund in Honor of John L. Riley-Men's Hockey
Charlie Mohr Scholarship Fund for Athletics-Men's Hockey
Chris Hanson and Family Football Scholarship Fund-Football
Chris Rebholz and Kelly Cleary-Rebholz Family Scholarship-Men's Hockey
Chryst Family Scholarship Fund-Women's Hockey
Cleo and Judy Weibel Volleyball Scholarship Fund-Volleyball
Clifford E. Voegeli Volleyball Scholarship Fund-Volleyball
Cohen Family Scholarship Fund-Football
Courchane Family Scholarship Fund-Women's Track
Curt and Sue Culver Golf Scholarship Fund-Men's Golf
Curt P. and Ruth A. Drewes Memorial Fund-Women's Crew
Dan and Patti Rashke (TASC) Family Foundation Fund-Men's Basketball
David and Joy Amundson Scholarship Fund for Athletics-Women's Soccer

Endowed Scholarships
David R. and Anne G. Nerenz Men's Soccer Program Fund-Men's Soccer
David V. Uihlein and Elroy Hirsch Scholarship Endowment Fund-Football
DeForest Zieglers Scholarship Fund-Women's Hockey
Demetral Scholarship Fund-Football
Dick and Marlene Cable Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Diesel Forward Scholarship Fund-Football
Donna Waddell & Ken Langenecker Football Scholarship Fund-Football
Duane Kleven Wrestling Scholarship Fund-Wrestling
Dwight E. and Bonnie L. Ziegler Scholarship Fund-Men's Soccer
Edessa K. Lines Estate Fund-Women's Crew
Edward and Kristine Heckman Scholarship Fund-Football
Elroy "Crazylegs" Hirsch Memorial Scholarship Fund-Football
Fink Family Scholarship Fund-Football
Floyd W. and Ruth B. Radel Fund for Men's Basketball-Men's Basketball
Floyd W. and Ruth B. Radel Fund for Men's Football-Football
Foley & Lardner Scholarship Fund-Women's Track
Forrest and Mildred Kubly Fund-Men's Track
Francis A. and Elizabeth N. Wiesner Scholarship Fund-Women's Track
Francis A. and Mary Louise Monteith Ogden Scholarship Fund-Football
Frank A. Wiesner, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund-Football
Frank and Esther Nickerson Memorial Scholarship Fund-Softball
Frank J. Remington Fellowship Fund-Men's Soccer
Frank Molinaro Memorial Scholarship Fund-Women's Golf
Gary Messner Scholarship Fund-Football
George H. Elder Endowment for Athletic Scholarships Fund-Football
George L. Wright Scholarship Fund for Track and Cross Country-Men's Track
George R. and Ruth W. Fuller Football Scholarship Fund-Football
George Shinners Family Athletic Scholarship Fund-Softball
Gerald A. and Lucy Welch Endowed Football Scholarship Fund-Football
Goodman Scholarship Fund-Softball
Gordon & David Connor Next Generation Scholarship Fund-Football
Gordon L. and Lois V. Brunsell Men's Basketball Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Greg and Denise Jasenovec Family Scholarship-Men's Basketball
Greg and Jenny Williams Wrestling Scholarship Fund-Wrestling
Greg and Sarah Rayford Football Scholarship Fund-Football
Gross-Leff Student-Athlete Scholarship Fund-Men's Track
Guy Sundt Fund for Athletics-Women's Track
H. H. Petrie Memorial Scholarship Fund for Athletics-Men's Hockey
Hamel Family Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Hammes Family Scholarship Fund-Football
Harold and Doreen Scales Scholarship Fund for the Athletics Department-Women's Golf
Harold and Doreen Scales Scholarship Fund for the Athletics Department-Women's Tennis
Harold and Doreen Scales Scholarship Fund for the Athletics Department-Men's Track
Harold and Doreen Scales Scholarship Fund for the Athletics Department-Men's Tennis
Harold Ofstie Memorial Fund for Athletics-Women's Track
Harold W. and Shirley C. Montross Fund-Women's Track
Hawley Family Student-Athlete Scholarship Fund-Men's Swimming
Heiman Family Scholarship Fund-Football
Helen and Jerry Stephens Scholarship Fund-Football
Henry McCormick Memorial Scholarship Fund-Wrestling
Holland Family Scholarship Fund-Football
HoopTroop Women's Basketball Scholarship Fund-Women's Basketball
Jack F. Kellner Memorial Football Scholarship Fund-Football
Jack F. Kellner Memorial Track Scholarship Fund-Men's Track
Jake Sibley Football Scholarship Fund-Football
James B. and Susan S. Patterson Student-Athlete Scholarship Fund-Men's Swimming
James Plopper Endowed Scholarship Fund-Wrestling
Jeffrey M. White Family Athletic Scholarship Fund-Women's Hockey

Endowed Scholarships
Jensen Family Volleyball Scholarship Fund-Volleyball
Jensen Family Volleyball Scholarship Fund II-Volleyball
Jere and Anne Fluno Men's Basketball Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Jerry and Kelley Kilcoyne Endowed Scholarship Fund-Football
Jim Doriot Athletic Scholarship Fund-Women's Crew
Jim McCallum Memorial Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Joan & Fred Budde Female Athletic Scholarship Fund-Volleyball
Joanne and Roy Howard Family Scholarship Fund-Softball
Joe Hildebrandt Family Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
John and Candy Schaefer Scholarship Fund-Football
John and Glenn Wise Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
John B. Menn Endowed Football Scholarship Fund-Football
John G. and Mary Gerlach Memorial Fund-Men's Hockey
John Jardine Memorial Scholarship Fund-Football
John Jardine Memorial Scholarship Fund-Football
John M. and Mary V. Schroeder Family Scholarship Fund-Wrestling
John McMynn Williams Fund-Men's Basketball
John Messmer Scholarship Fund -Women's Crew
John S. Wright Football Scholarship Fund-Football
John Simcic Educational Scholarship Fund-Football
Joseph and Susan Nowick Scholarship Fund-Women's Basketball
Joseph Rothbauer Football Scholarship Fund-Football
Kalscheur-Krantz Scholarship Fund-Football
Kathryn E. Parkinson Athletics Scholarship Fund-Women's Basketball
Ken and Betty Kruska Family Scholarship Fund-Football
Ken and Sandy Falkinham Scholarship Fund-Football
Ken Townsend Family Fund-Football
Kenneth M. Schricker Memorial Scholarship Fund-Football
Kevin Daniel "Otis" Green Football Student Manager Scholarship Fund-Football Manager
Kirk and Wendy Strang Hockey Scholarship Fund -Men's Hockey
Kirk and Wendy Strang Volleyball Scholarship Fund-Volleyball
Kit Saunders-Nordeen and Buzz Nordeen Endowment Fund for Women's Athletics-Volleyball
Kuebler-Killoran Scholarship Fund-Women's Swimming
Langdon Club of Chicago Scholarship Fund-Football
Lloyd Larson Scholarship Fund for Football-Football
Marnee Loeffler Memorial Fund for Hockey-Men's Hockey
Martell Family Scholarship Fund-Women's Basketball
Marty and Mary Krueger Endowment Fund-Men's Basketball
Marv and Judy Siegert Athletic Scholarship Fund-Men's Hockey
Meester Family Scholarship Fund-Football
Mel Goldin Memorial Scholarship Fund for Track-Men's Track
Men's Basketball Alumni Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
MG&E Felber Scholarship Fund-Men's Hockey
Michael and Edith Agazim Memorial Scholarship Fund-Football
Michael and Edith Agazim Memorial Scholarship Fund-Football
Michael and Mary Sue Shannon Scholarship Fund-Men's Hockey
Michael Finley Foundation Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Mielcarek Family Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Mike and Shelley Muranyi Final Four Men's Basketball Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Mike and Shelley Muranyi Golf Scholarship Fund-Men's Golf
Monroe Badger Foundation Scholarship Fund-Football
Monroe Badger Foundation Scholarship Fund-Women's Basketball
Nancy Marie Softball Scholarship Fund-Softball
Nathan Brand Family Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Neal and Joann Brunner Athletic Scholarship Fund-Women's Soccer
Neil F. Wienke Endowment Fund-Women's Track
P. Goff Beach Memorial Fund-Softball
Pat Richter Endowed Football Scholarship Fund-Football

Endowed Scholarships
Paul and Diane Root Endowed Football Scholarship Fund-Football
Paul and Jan Schueller Family Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Peter Daniel Seligman Football Scholarship Fund-Football
Peter Gambino Memorial Scholarship Fund-Men's Golf
Peter Tegen Women's Track and Cross Country Scholarship Fund-Women's Track
Phillip and Elizabeth Gross Student-Athlete Scholarship Fund-Volleyball
Phillip Mork Memorial Rowing Endowment Fund-Women's Crew
Purple Moon Foundation Women's Basketball Scholarship Fund #1-Women's Basketball
Purple Moon Foundation Women's Basketball Scholarship Fund #2-Women's Basketball
R. R. (Bob) and Lucille J. Copas Golf Scholarship Fund-Women's Golf
Ralph E. Petersen Scholarship Fund-Men's Swimming
Raymond M. and Margaret F. Davis Fund-Football
Renee and Peter Rizzo Football Scholarship Fund-Football
Rex Capwell Men's Basketball Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Richard Ludtke Memorial Basketball Fund-Men's Basketball
Richard M. Jorgensen Athletic Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Richard W. and Ellen H. Meister Fund-Men's Basketball
Richard Ziehm Memorial Golf Scholarship Fund-Women's Golf
Ricky and Mara Sandler Tennis Scholarship Fund-Men's Tennis
Robert and Susan Kallestad Basketball Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Robert F. Wagner Football Scholarship Fund-Football
Robert J. and Vera K. Wilson Fund for Student Athletics-Men's Swimming
Robert J. Curry Family Endowed Scholarship Fund-Football
Robert Monteith Scholarship Fund-Football
Robertson Blair Men's Basketball Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Roger and Michelle Mansukhani Family Scholarship Fund-Football
Ron and Diane Leafblad Family Scholarship Fund-Football
Ron Dayne Football Scholarship Fund-Football
Ron Krantz Basketball Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Ron Krantz Football Scholarship Fund In Memory of John Jardine-Football
Ryan Family Scholarship Fund-Women's Hockey
Sarah Gornick Memorial Fund-Women's Crew
Scaletta Family Scholarship Fund-Women's Basketball
Scaletta Family Scholarship Fund II-Women's Basketball
Schreiner-Hoskins Scholarship Fund-Football
Scott and Sarah Glasrud Family Foundation Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Scott and Shari Frank Family Scholarship Fund-Football
Scott Starks and Robert Brooks Football Scholarship Fund-Football
Siebel Family Men's Basketball Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Steve and Nicki Stricker Golf Scholarship Fund-Men's Golf
Steve Lowe Memorial Fund-Volleyball
Susan Cellmer and Jeff Neal Student-Athlete Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Susan Solie Patterson Endowed Swimming Scholarship Fund-Men's Swimming
Susan Solie Patterson Endowed Swimming Scholarship Fund-Women's Swimming
Ted and Mary Kellner Football Scholarship Fund-Football
Ted and Mary Kellner Men's Track Scholarship Fund-Men's Track
Theodore and Marcella Albrecht Memorial Scholarship Fund-Wrestling
Thomas and Barbara Stevens Scholarship Fund-Football
Todd A. and Linda S. Taylor Family Basketball Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Tom and Peggy Pyle Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Tom Wiesner Scholarship Fund-Football
Troy and Mindy Schwenn Family Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Troy Vincent Family Football Scholarship Fund-Football
Ursula Schmitt Scholarship Fund-Volleyball
Verick-Gaspardo Family Athletic Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
W Club Heritage Scholarship Fund-Football
Waldron Family Scholarship Fund-Football
Wallden Family Men's Golf Scholarship Fund-Men's Golf
Walter and Elizabeth Holt Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
Warren R. Jollymore Memorial Fund-Women's Crew
Wiegand Family Scholarship Fund-Men's Basketball
William and Eva Mea Stolte Fund-Women's Track
William E. Walker Scholarship-Women's Crew
Wisconsin Golf Club Scholarship Fund I-Men's Golf
Wisconsin Golf Club Scholarship Fund I-Men's Golf
Wisconsin Men's Hockey Endowed Scholarship Fund-Men's Hockey
Wisconsin Women's Basketball Scholarship Fund-Women's Basketball
Wisconsin Wrestling Endowment Fund-Wrestling
Women's Intercollegiate Sports Club Scholarship Fund-Women's Hockey
Wuethrich Family Scholarship Fund-Wrestling

Women's Basketball